At Legends we offer on court basketball training and foundational athlete training. We start basketball specific training at 5th grade. Our memberships will begin with an evaluation of each athlete. From there we will begin to build a personalized plan that will best fit the athlete and their goals. Our development philosophy is in the flowchart below. The core of our training is in our foundational movements. Once we get our athletes moving properly, we can begin to advance.


We want our young athletes to have a place to have fun and exercise too! With our young athletes we work on foundational athletic principals. Such as hand-eye coordination, foot-eye coordination, and body mechanics. These classes are offered to any athlete 1st grade and up. Nothing is sport specific. Just athletic! We will teach them how to catch, throw, kick, run, etc. It is never too early to get your kids in an active and fun environment!


At Legends we offer training to athletes from 1st grade up to professional athletes. We have age specific classes and all member sessions. Please double check the class title and description before booking!